Yıldız Holding

Foundations of Yıldız Holding was laid in 1944 to meet the needs of Turkish society. The biscuit plant that Asım ve Sabri Ülker founded in Nohutçu Han of Eminönü was one of the very few production operations in Istanbul with aspirations to keep up with the industrial developments in the first half of the 21st century. This small workshop achieved entering the 21st century as an integrated food group following an arduous and patient journey. Successful business practices transformed it into a distinguished “Star” as in its namesake, both domestically and globally. With a gross revenue of 15.7 billion Turkish lira in 2013, Yıldız Holding proved itself as a prominent organization, not only in Turkey but also throughout the world. Yıldız Holding produces a wide array of products, ranging from biscuits, chocolates, milk and dairy products to baby food and packaging in 58 factories, of which 11 are located abroad, with a 41,000-strong workforce.