Why Aytaç?

Aytaç is Safe, High Quality and Healthy

1 Aytaç is produced with Ülker quality and assurance.

2 In order to achieve the highest quality, Aytaç products go through 105 different analyses at every single stage, from production to consumption.

3 Red and White Meat by Aytaç contain only Red and White Meat. None of the products have mixed items in them.

4 None of the Aytaç products contains Mechanically Deboned Meat (MDM).

5 Aytaç products are produced according to Islamic guidelines. Aytaç slaughterhouses posses Halal Certificate from the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE).

6 Aytaç products are produced from halal slaughtered carcass meat.

7 Aytaç uses completely natural herbs for coloring its products.