Salami Recipes / Turkish Oven-baked Rolled Borek Pastries

Paylaş :

Step-by-Step Instructions

1 Melt the butter.

2 Mix the olive oil, yogurt, butter and 1 egg.

3 Roll out 1 filo pastry sheets on a flat surface and spread half of the mix on it.

4 Put the second sheet of filo pastry on top and spread the remaining ingredients.

5 Cut the filo pastry sheets into 8 triangles.

6 Mix the finely chopped dill, parsley, finely sliced AYTAÇ - CHICKEN SALAMI, cheese and black pepper in a separate place.

7 Spread them equally on the cut sheets of filo pastry.

8 Fold them like pastry rolls.

9 Brush them with the previously whisked egg yolk.

10 Cook at 180 degrees in a pre-heated oven.

Material List

  • 100 grams of AYTAÇ - CHICKEN SALAMI

    2 sheets of filo pastry

    1 tablespoon of room temperature butter

    1/2 teaspoon olive oil

    2 tablespoons of yogurt

  • 2 eggs (1 for topping)

    100 grams of white cheese

    1/2 sprig of dill

    1/2 sprig of parsley

Detail Information

  • Serves 4

  • 10 minutes preparation time

  • 20 minutes cooking time

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