Sujuk Recipes / Turkish Borek Pastries with a Sujuk and Kashar Cheese Filling

Paylaş :

Step-by-Step Instructions

1 Dice the AYTAÇ GURME BEEF SUJUK, tomatoes and bell peppers, and put in a mixing bowl. Grate kashar cheese on them. Sprinkle salt and black pepper.

2 Spread the mix the puff pastry sheets. Wrap them in a roll.

3 Line them up on an oiled baking tray. Score four notches on each with a knife. Brush on the egg wash. Cook for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees in a pre-heated oven.

Material List

  • 1 pack of puff pastry

    200 grams of kashar cheese

    150 grams of AYTAÇ GURME BEEF SUJUK

    1 tomato

  • Salt and ground black pepper

    3 egg yolks

Detail Information

  • Serves 4

  • 6 minutes preparation time

  • 6 minutes cooking time

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