Salami Recipes / Italian Salad with Salami

Paylaş :

Step-by-Step Instructions

1 First, scrape the carrot skins using a knife. Chop them to pea size.

2 Peel the potatoes and chop them to pea size.

3 Drain and transfer into another bowl, and let it cool.

4 Make long thin slices from the AYTAÇ BEEF SALAMI and smoked tongue.

5 Add on top of the vegetables.

6 Mix the small chopped cornichons and mayonnaise before serving.

Material List

  • 3 carrots

    3 potatoes

    250 grams of green peas

    8-10 slices of AYTAÇ BEEF SALAMI

  • 50 grams of smoked tongue

    8-10 cornichons


Detail Information

  • Serves 4

  • 10 minutes preparation time

  • 14-16 minutes cooking time

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